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Our community's positive presence in local media has strengthened our reach. Check out our stories below to see the impact!

Annual Easter egg hunt draws hundreds looking to create 'authentic connections'

ALLISON-HENDERSON PARK: DUBUQUE, IA (TELEGRAPH HAROLD)  Around the perimeter of the event, various local food trucks and stands set up to serve refreshments. One new addition was The Boundless Trailer, an East Dubuque, Ill.-based nonprofit and mobile resource center.

The purple trailer, nicknamed “Daphne,” was set up on the hill alongside the other trailers surrounded by tables of clothing, cleaning supplies and hygiene products that were given out for free to families who asked.

“It’s nice to be able to provide this resource for families who need it in a really centralized location where people can come and get what they need while also having a fun day,” said Boundless Trailer founder Paige Johnston.

KCRG-TV9 by Libbie Randall

January 22, 2023

East Dubuque woman transforms old camper, starts a nonprofit to bring supplies to those in need

EAST DUBUQUE, Illinois. (KCRG) - In a small office space just inside East Dubuque, Paige Johnston and two of her friends write encouraging notes to people in their community. The words of affirmation, uplifting quotes, and encouragements carefully written on each card are just a small part in Johnston’s effort to serve through The Boundless Trailer.

“Our motto is serving everyone, everywhere, in every season. That is something that’s been with me forever,” said Johnston.

She and a team of volunteers travel in a trailer serving what they call life necessities to anyone in need.

“Hygiene products, clothing, a fresh meal, and then we try to connect them with more long term nonprofits in the area for rehab and medical needs like services that we can’t yet provide for them,” said Johnston.

Telegraph Herald by Elizabeth Kelsey

July 16, 2022

East Dubuque woman launches mobile resource center from refurbished camper

EAST DUBUQUE, Ill. — Working within the walls of a small, light purple camper, East Dubuque resident Paige Johnston hopes to help individuals in need.

Johnston, 19, recently launched a mobile resource center and nonprofit called The Boundless Trailer, which distributes free food, clothes and personal care products from a refurbished camper.

“I think as humans, we overcomplicate things, and I realized we don’t need to be extravagant to go serve people where they’re at,” said Johnston, standing inside the camper Friday. “The idea was just to provide free resources in an accessible way.”

East Dubuque teen delivers free resources to those in need with trailer

The Boundless Trailer is a project by Paige Johnston, 19, who describes it as a “mobile resource center.” It offers clothes, food, and hygiene products for free. “Our mission is to bridge the gap between hurting individuals and basic life necessities,” said Johnston.


“It’s so funny, because so many of them come up and be like, ‘Nothing’s free,’” said Johnston. “I’m like, ‘No, it’s really free. Like, take what you need.’”

KCRG-TV9 By Mollie Swayne

July 12, 2022

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